Testimonial 1

"Dear Sesh, I would like to express my thanks for all the treatment that I have received over the past 18 months.

I thought there was no hope for my teeth until I came to you. From the start you and your staff gave me confidence. The attention to detail, care and effectiveness of my treatment has been amazing.

I have been kept totally informed of what was going on and you have been excellent. I am very impressed with the quality of your work, professionalism and patience.

Thanks again for fitting these implants and for the beautiful smile I now possess. Thanks also to the staff who were so kind, caring and helpful."

Testimonial 2

"Would like to say how happy I am with my veneers. I was not happy with my teeth at all, it affected my confidence and restricted my smile. I came and saw Sesh, and he assured me that he could help. He took me through step by step, what treatments were available at what prices. Throughout my treatment, he was reassuring, informative and extremely professional, as were the team. The end result was amazing. Excellent communication, professional treatment and good value for money. Thanks team"

Testimonial 3

"Being aware that others around me had better brighter smiles and a wedding looming I decided to investigate the possibility of having veneers fitted to my teeth. I approached their clinic where a booking was made for me to see Mr Sesh Rao. As I approached the date of my initial consultation I was apprehensive if Sesh could help. I knew my case would not be conventional as I wanted to bring my top teeth forward to get rid of my under bite. After a thorough consultation Sesh talked me through in detail what he could do. I was delighted that both of my concerns could be addressed at his clinic. I felt over the subsequent weeks, whilst Sesh prepared my teeth and new porcelain veneers, that I was guided and reassured through the whole process. In business myself I was given additional confidence as Sesh and I both signed a written contract outlining the procedure and costs. The Clinics staff are excellent too and within a few weeks I had the smile and beautiful teeth. I would recommend Mr Rao’s clinic to anyone as I found it to be very professional and they all work very hard to get me the outcome I needed. I am very pleased."

Testimonial 4

"I wish to state my lower jaw implants treatment was carried out professionally and caringly with the knowledge that I could always telephone if I had any worries. I am very satisfied with the completed work, resulting in the new denture fitting securely and comfortably."

Testimonial 5

"The work you carried out on my teeth was excellent. Despite my nervousness throughout the treatment, the finished result is better that I could have hoped. Rather than a half-hearted smile hiding my teeth I now find myself showing them off. Many thanks for all your hard work and professionalism."

Testimonial 6

I have just finished a course of treatment comprising two implants supporting a bridge and crown. I'd like to pass my thanks to Sesh and his team for their support and care during what was for me a stressful experience! I am absolutely delighted with the finished result and would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone considering dental implants.

Testimonial 7

I would like to thank Sesh and all of the team at Brookside Dental Clinic for their care, understanding and professionalism they have shown to me during my implant procedure, over the last couple of months.

From consultation stage, Sesh has guided me through the whole procedure, right through to the end result.

Losing my two front teeth in a traumatic episode four years ago, totally affected my life and my confidence. I had an ill fitting denture which affected my smile, however, Sesh assured me that he could transform my teeth by giving me the implant procedure and I can honestly say, I have not looked back.

I now have fantastic implants that look amazing and I can smile again. Thank you Sesh and everyone at Brookside Dental.

Testimonial 8

I would like to thank you and your team for the fantastic dental work on my teeth. When I came to Brookside Dental Clinic my teeth were in a terrible state, I was very embarrassed to smile and even eat in front of people. You looked at them and told me what you could do for me with implants, a bridge and fixed denture – I now have a wonderful smile.

All my family and friends think they look great too. Once again I would like to say many thanks to you and your team for giving me my smile and confidence back.

Testimonial 9

I wanted to express how delighted I am with the results of Sesh's skill and expertise when transforming my teeth into what are now a sight to behold! After Sesh's amazing dentistry, involving implants, bridges and crowns I now feel that my confidence is restored and I can't thank him enough.

The whole team at Brookside Dental Clinic is a pleasure to deal with and if you are considering a new Practice, look no further, you will not be disappointed. Myself and my husband were looking for a new Dentist and we chose Brookside - I'm so pleased that we did! Thank you again.